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Shop Export (XML) Checkout

Create a frictionless shopping experience by handling the shopping basket in the online catalog. 

Shop Export Checkout Example

WhatsApp Checkout

Create a truly mobile friendly catalog experience with WhatsApp shop integration.

WhatsApp Checkout Example

External Link Checkout

Push your online catalogs to broader audiences and convert readers into buyers on your webshop.

External Link Example

Email Checkout

Transforms your existing catalogs into shoppable online catalogs with email checkout.

Email Checkout Example

Product Detail View

Give your readers more product information when browsing and clicking products in your catalogs

Product Detail View example

Add products directly to your webshop basket with JavaScript

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Today, more than 10% of Fleggaard’s orders contain items added to basket from their online catalogs.”


“iPaper is a great transition tool for moving our clients from print to digital, and our online orders are growing significantly.”

United Drug

“The results of our online catalogs are beyond expectations. It's easy to share with our sales community and consumers."

Yves Rocher

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14-day trial. No payment info needed.

Get instant access to the iPaper platform, and convert your current catalog into online catalogs powered by iPaper.

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